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Above is a sample interface to Yerfit, a media cataloging, searching, and downloading engine. Yerfit is written in Perl and only requires that the individuals running it have a mysql database, smbclient, and nmblookup installed on their machine. Yerfit allows easy access to samba shares on linux machines and windows networking shares. The generic operation of Yerfit is to first run a script that loops through configured ip ranges for shares and then updates them in a database. Once there are files in the database, a user can then search from an interface alike this one for files on the network. Yerfit then can pipe those files over the web to any machine that has a web browser that supports meta streams.

Please feel free to grab the latest tar.gz source from here or from the project page. If you have any questions feel free to email me, Gregory Class, at method13@u.washington.edu.

There also is another Yerfit example at the old Yerfit site (Yerfit.net) feel free to check it out -- Update: Yerfit.net was aquired by an adult media company, I don't recommend viewing it. Feel free to check out my personal site: http://gregoryclass.com

A Big Thanks to Sourceforge for hosting the Yerfit Project.
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